Stranger Things Season 2


Season 2 of Stranger Things on Netflix was a joy to watch. It’s always a tricky challenge to make the second season of a beloved show as good as the first season. It’s even more difficult to make it better. I’m not saying season 2 is absolutely better (season 1 was such a fun ride that it will always edge out the rest), but in my opinion, it’s as good as the first one and better in a couple of places.

The new season feels like it allowed every character it’s moment to shine, even with the addition of a couple of new characters. We got to see the core group of kids as individuals with their own unique family lives and quirks. The scenes with Steve and Dustin were really fun, Eleven got to have a massive adventure and Hopper was again the anchor of the cast, and his little dancing scene has gone viral as hilarious memes…

I could go on and on…Paul Riser is always fun to watch…Sean Astin plays the role of “red shirt” Bob perfectly and the conspiracy theory character made me laugh out loud…I’ll wrap it up by saying I highly recommend it. As a final note, here’s the awesome soundtrack to the series, which will take you back to the mid-eighties in style.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 4.18.05 PM

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