Apple Music Replay Site

If you are in Apple Music subscriber I recently discovered a cool feature that Shows you your most played songs of a specific year.

For me, I was surprised to see a pattern in the way I listen to songs. It seems that when I like a song I REALLY like the song, and I listen to it repeatedly for a period of time.

The album a listen to roast last year was Lo Moon by Lo Moon. It was actually released in 2018 but I only discovered it last year and I played the hell out of it. This is one of those bands that when you discover it you can’t believe they are not a global phenomenon. The music is very atmospheric and moody, I highly recommend you check it out.

Another great discovery was Patrick Droney’s EP album with only 5 songs. They are all fantastic, his style is a bit John Mayer with a bluesy-country vibe. 

Another band I really enjoyed last HAIM, The three Haim sisters have been around for sometime but I discovered them last year and loved their indie pop music. Their latest single now I’m in it is fantastic

Go create your own rewind playlist of the following link

Direct links to the bands above:

Lo Moon

Patrick Droney

HAIM (latest single)